Gallery of Faves

  • green onyx earrings green onyx earrings
  • tourmalined quartz earrings tourmalined quartz earrings
  • il_570xN.170324756 il_570xN.170324756
  • rose quartz briolette silver hoops rose quartz briolette silver hoops
  • il_570xN.238044926 il_570xN.238044926
  • il_570xN.308610357 il_570xN.308610357
  • il_570xN.169937260 il_570xN.169937260
  • turquoise amazonite ring turquoise amazonite ring
  • prehnite ring prehnite ring
  • zion ring zion ring
  • lilac jade ring lilac jade ring
  • rainbow moonstone gold and silver rainbow moonstone gold and silver
  • labradorite ring labradorite ring
  • green amethyst ring green amethyst ring
  • il_570xN.216820089 il_570xN.216820089
  • prayer box necklace prayer box necklace
  • peace pendant peace pendant
  • Earth Keeper Pendant Earth Keeper Pendant
  • rose quartz point and lepidochrosite pendant rose quartz point and lepidochrosite pendant
  • rose quartz heirloom pendant rose quartz heirloom pendant
  • rebirth talisman pendant rebirth talisman pendant

Past and present pieces that I love.

All of my jewelry is infused with intention and reiki energy of light and love. I combine stones to create different energies of emotion, healing and wellbeing. Charged with amethyst and blessed by Kwan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion. Each piece is very sweet and balanced. I honor the story of the stones. It is my gift and my pleasure to create pure, natural beauty.

Stones are gifts of the earth and possess energies that enhance, influence and improve our lives, environment, relationships and ourselves. The hidden energy in stones can offer comfort, healing, abundance, protection, love, peace and joy. You will be grateful for your connection with the crystalline energy of stones. Everyone, including our animals, can benefit from this amazing gift from the mineral kingdom.
I want to share the story of the stone, so you can become familiar with their history, energy and metaphysical properties, as well as the relating chakras, color rays and archangels.

My jewelry is simple, but elegant. Created with the finest quality of rare and unique semi-precious and precious gemstones, minerals, metals, religious medals and findings. I want you to find a piece of jewelry, spiritual adornment or vibrational tools that speak to you, that are affordable and hand-crafted.  Amazing tools for healers, as well.  Creating beauty with joy.

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Thank you checking out my offerings. I look forward to doing business with you. Contact me if you have any ideas or questions about anything you see here.

Think of me when looking for a personal piece or a gift. I love doing custom work to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Thank you for visiting my studio. Have a great day.

Best Wishes,